Thursday, August 23, 2012

aran jumper

I have embarked on my first jumper. It isn't just a simple jumper. It's an aran jumper.

Up until recently, my knitting projects had mostly consisted of scarves, which were usually just row after row of garter stitch. Eventually, scarves began to get a bit tedious. There are only so many scarves a girl can wear. So I sought out a knitting class that would push me to learn new stitches and try more adventurous projects.

During the class, I completed a poncho and a beanie. I have since realised I will never wear the poncho, and so the wool will be pulled apart and put to better use. The finished beanie turned out a little small, but it was very quick and easy to do once I had gotten the hang of the stitches involved.

So although this may be a big leap from yo, k3tog....cables are the next stitch on my to-do list.

 I found this pattern book in fantastic little wool shop in larne (?!?!). My class teacher had the same one, from which she'd knitted a large cable throw. The jumpers and cardigans in it look so cosy and perfect for keeping warm in our drizzly climate... I decided pretty quickly to embark on my first aran jumper.

I'm only a couple of rows in, but I'm planning on devoting the next few evenings to it in order to begin the aran stitches. Hopefully it will be finished in time to wear this winter...

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